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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Florida Vacation Log: Day 0

The story starts as many travel stories do:
Airline tells us to arrive at the wrong time... trying to fall asleep on airport chairs... smuggling an illegal pastrami sandwich accross the border... flying the Northwest Airlines economy plane (their motto should be "Bring your own fun")... arriving in a foreign country...

Anyway, I'm staying at the house of my great Aunt and Uncle. They have an grove (don't let them hear you call it an "orchard") outside of Homestead.

A tree growing in the grove

When pineapples are orange and fall over, they're ripe

They showed me around and I got to try the "miracle fruit", which is a small creamy, and by all accounts wierd. Anyway, it numbs the tastebuds that sense sourness, so after eating a miracle fruit, one can proceed to enjoy an entire lemon. I'm suffering from major jet lag and lack of sleep so that's all for now.

Miracle Fruit (not my photo)


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