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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Florida Vacation Log: Day 1

After waking up at 11:00 am, I went for a bike ride. Bad idea. The sun is hottest when it is highest in the sky. I passed a Bhuddist Temple and went in to cool off. Apparently the neighborhood has a large Thai population. There were some magnificent gold lions ferociously guarding the temple, but I forgot my camera, so I have no picture of them. Cooling off after the hot and draining bike ride was made possible by a refreshing, clear pond.

A lovely pond in which to swim

Florida's water table is very high; the pond is basically a hole in the ground that groundwater seeps into. I ate supper at a resaurant called "Captain's". My Uncle reccomended the yellow-tail. It came juicy, flavourful, breaded, and with a decent salad. There was no vinegar in sight. How can I eat breaded fish without vinegar!?

I had some time to explore the orchard and take some pictures:

There are lots of avacado trees here...

...and flowery foliage...

...and weather fish...

...and nice comfy places to relax!


  • At 8:48 PM, Blogger Tumuli said…

    That was captivating photography! Keep up the good work.


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