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Monday, July 24, 2006

Florida Vacation Log: Day 3

I went to the Ocean Reef Club (situated in the Florida Keys) today and tested the boat. Weather is so local here: as we were driving there we endured a torrent of rain for a mile. Then the rain disappeared as soon as it had started.

The water was a bit too rough and the clouds were too threatening (and someone had stolen our gasoline) to go anywhere far, so I had to satisfy myself with practice-snorkelling (all the coral within a few miles of the dock is dead) and having a nice lunch on the boat.

I discovered a discusting custom at this place: instead of walking to the washroom (it's not that far away), people use the hoses on the dock to "wash" themselves, and urinate while doing so. I made sure I put on sandals before stepping on the dock.

Grey Florida days can be gloomy and imposing


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