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Monday, July 31, 2006

Florida Vacation Log: Day 4

Downtown Miami is the place to be. This giant urban jungle (and it's continuous progress; something is always being built or torn down) amazed me. With a first-rate art gallery, showing mostly modern art (my favourite) and a beautiful library (not to mention the new concert hall and opera hall complex, creatively called the "Performing Arts Centre"), this modern metropolis is bustling with activity. I ate at an authentic downtown Cuban restaurant and ordered a sandwich called the "Cuban". No veggies in this sandwich!

Downtown Miami with only one car on the road: This is an unnatural phenomenon

The main exhibit at the Miami Art Museum was an exhibition of the urban change in Miami. It portrayed the excitement and heralded caution. It showed new ideas. The most powerful piece was a whole wall covered in phoros of beautiful buildings. Written underneath these buildings are the memories of what he did there. The viewer then learns that all of the buildings have been demolished.The connection was reset

The museum in the cultural complex was alright; nothing much to speak of.

The library, on the other hand, was impressive. Designed in the style of the old Carnegie Libraries from the (turn-of-the-century 1900s) but with modern materials. It was welcoming and comfortable. The colours were warm and there was all sorts of public art. On the second floor (in which there was a circular "balcony" hole so that one could look down at the first floor) there was an exhibit on the history of innovation in books.

There were four inches of rain today. Thunder and lightning continued into the night.


  • At 5:10 PM, Blogger Tumuli said…

    One car on a previously busy street? That IS unusual.

    Did you go to South Beach?


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