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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Florida Vacation Log: Day 5

First, I must apologize that I haven't posted in a month. Blogger kept messing up whenever I tried to upload pictures, so I decided to take a break from it.

Today was a cloudy day as we made our way off to Everglades National Park. It's not a far drive form Homestead, and a very nice place to be. First, we set off on the Swamp trail. As we began, I spottes some anhingas, which are strange comorant-like birds that almost swim underwater. Then it began to rain, so we ducked under a picnic shelter. At this point, I must mention that there was a drink machine there, and it was selling a drink called "Pibb". I have never heard of this drink, but apparently it tastes like Dr. Pepper with "chocolate undertones".

Crazy vine tree!


Please tell me if you know what this plant is

Eventually we found the alligators. They weren't doing much. Mostly just lying around in the heat. I got whithin an arm's reach of one. They may not be tame, but they're certianly not interested in eating me.

Life is good.

We then ventured onto the Gumbo Limbo trail. The Gumbo Limbo tree is also known as the 'tourist tree' because of its red, peeling skin.

This snail was so patient while I took its picture


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