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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Construction Zone

 Nothing goes better together than pizza and model cities.

As promised in my last post, I now have an entry at the Winnipeg Art Gallery blog about my first attempt at a week-long city-building camp with kids. You can read about it here. Unfortunatley, part of my post was changed by the WAG Communications department (because they don't like Punnett squares?) so it does not reflect our actual process. To set the record straight: before we made our own city, we made some observations about Winnipeg. Then we slotted them into 4 categories (not 2, as implied by my entry on the Winnipeg Art Gallery site.) The categories and results were as follows:

The kids never were able to figure out what we might replace schools with. When I asked them why they did not want a school in their city, they responded "School is boring!" When I asked what they would do instead of going to school, they unanimously responded "Play video games." Then I presented the dillema: Who would make the video games if nobody went to school? An uncomfortable silence ensued.

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